Actively playing the Arizona Lottery

The Arizona Power Ball lottery game can be a way to spend a little more cash. Because the AZ Power Ball tickets can be acquired for as low as $ 1, it is really a fairly inexpensive supply of a little excitement into your life. In order to take part in the game, you will need to pick six separate Arizona Powerball numbers. Five of these six numbers need to fall between one and fifty-five, whilst the final number, known as the red Arizona Power ball number, must fall between one and forty-two.

With AZ Powerball, you've got a pretty good potential for winning something, regardless of whether it is just a three dollar cash prize. Though the grand prize is only awarded to somebody that picks all six numbers, it is possible to still win a hefty 2 hundred thousand dollar prize for picking the 5 winning Arizona power ball numbers not having the correct red Power Ball. If you pick four correct regular numbers plus the right red AZ Power Ball, you may win 10,000 dollars. There are also prizes awarded for picking any where from four numbers into just having the correct Power Ball number.

If you choose to play the AZ Power Play options, you are able to multiply prizes apart from the jackpot by between two to five times. This is really a popular option, especially as it greatly increases your winnings even though you just have one or two correct numbers.

You could get the latest Arizona Power Ball result either online on the Arizona Lottery Power Ball website, or it is possible to watch the live drawings two times a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 Eastern Time. Many local television stations broadcast the Arizona Power Ball drawing live, so you are able to check local listings to discover where to check here watch. The official Powerball website,, also lists up-to-date winning Arizona Power Ball numbers.

The Arizona lottery website is yet another well designed state lottery site. The different games are listed with clear instructions. Arizona offers three big money games, the multi state powerball drawing, The Pick with a jackpot of $1,000,000, along with the Fantasy 5 using a prize of $50,000. The money generated with the Arizona lottery is true of a variety of good causes. These include legal court ordered special advocates for abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as other state health programs. The money also goes toward conservation, historic preservation and also the Game and Fish agency. Habitat management is also funded with lottery dollars. Playing the Arizona lottery is practically like donating to some charitable organization.Article Source:

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